Timeshare Cancellation – How to Get Out of a Timeshare Agreement
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Timeshare Cancellation: How To Dispute A Timeshare Contract

Learn About Timeshare Cancellation.

Timeshare contracts can be considered binding legal documents, but this does not mean they are absolute or cannot be canceled. Just because the person selling you your timeshare says that the contract is binding forever.  It does not mean the contract cannot ever be terminated. Many timeshare companies claim you cannot cancel your contract once you have passed your redemption period. The fact is with the right team cancelling your timeshare is absolutely doable and the misinformation of the lifelong billing is simply untrue.

Is There A Timeshare Cancellation Period?

The amount of time that the buyer has to cancel a timeshare contract will vary depending on different factors. So consult with an expert to find out whether or not you are still within this period. If you have to cancel your timeshare contract, and you are still within the time frame for your rescinding rights. You will have to inform the resort of your request. Your timeshare contract should be clear about how many days you have in order to cancel  the timeshare contract. Many timeshare contracts  time frame is 7 or 10 days.

The cancellation period should be specified in your contract, which should explicitly say the number of days you are allowed to cancel your timeshare contract. During the cancellation period, you will be allowed to cancel your contract and leave timeshare ownership should you change your mind. Once you were released from your sales contract, the timeshare company must issue you a full refund within 15 working days. If you are in compliance with your contract, and if the timeshare company that sold the unit refuses or ignores your refund request, you can pursue a timeshare dispute with the company.

Any timeshare company not willing to terminate the contract during the rescission period could face a legal complaint for breach of contract. The cancellation period is not optional for the timeshare company. These time frames are set by each state, and must be followed. It’s the law.

Dispute The Timeshare Contract.

Filing a timeshare dispute with the attorney general will alert consumer protection agencies. This will build a case and allows certain agencies to  pursue a timeshare resale company for fraud, or alert other owners from falling for its pitfalls. When looking for timeshare cancellation companies, verify their reviews, check for licensing, and legitimacy of their industry affiliations. A timeshare cancellation firm helps you navigate the fine print in your contract and advocates you to cancel your timeshare within your rescinding window. A timeshare cancellation company should be aware of the rescinding window for your state. They simply will need to know the details of your contract, since it might provide for the delivery method or other critical information that needs to be included.

There are also a few states that offer a longer period for canceling your timeshare if the developer does not include the required provisions in your contract, gives you misinformation, or does not provide all of the required documents to you. Consumer Consulting Group handles cancellations frequently, so simply saying that you want to cancel should suffice. If you want to cancel a purchase at a resort timeshare, there is usually a period of 5-15 days following the purchase in which you can legally void the contract. Know the Difference Between Cancellation & Cancellation Withdrawal, in timeshare speak, typically refers to a small window of time after purchasing a timeshare when you are legally allowed to void it.

Can I Cancel My Timeshare Contract?

The Cancellation Period typically begins on the day that you signed the contract, or on the day that you received your Disclosure Statement. Terminate Contract With Help From Consumer Consulting Group: In some cases, you may be able to break your contract, even after the expiration of the cancellation period, by taking legal action against the company, particularly if you suspect fraud or unfair sales practices. Consider hiring an attorney if the cooling-off period has expired, or if a timeshare company is making it harder to get out of your contract, even though the cooling-off period is still valid. Generally speaking, successfully terminating a timeshare contract is the only way to guarantee you are permanently free from fees and payments — and having an attorney on your side can be a crucial step in that process, especially if other relief methods have failed.

In the event of any disputes regarding termination, or any other terms of your contract, you may want to talk with an attorney. If you entered a contract and you believe that you are the victim of a timeshare scam, then you will need an estate law firm in Mexico to challenge the contract. If your timeshare contract does not, or you believe that your contract is incorrect, consult the laws in your state regarding timeshare contracts (to find out how to find the laws in your state, please visit our legal research center) or contact the Consumer Protection Office in your state. Be sure to include your name, as listed in your contract, your address, email, and telephone numbers, your description of the timeshare, the date that you purchased your timeshare, and the declaration that you are canceling your contract.

Not All Timeshare Companies Are The Same.

If the timeshare is in foreclosure, that may appear in your Experian report, no matter what your settlement is to get out. Depending on the agreement, you can purchase a deeded timeshare for a certain number of years, live in it, or until you choose to sell. If you are behind on mortgage payments or other fees, a timeshare association may take out liens and repossess your timeshare. Your timeshare company may have Deed-In/Surrender Option, which allows you to turn over the timeshare once you have paid the initial fees.

If you are falling behind on maintenance fees or your loan payments, your timeshare company or the timeshare association may report you to a collection agency and lower your credit rating. If a timeshare foreclosure is discovered by a bureau, that foreclosure will show up on your credit report. When the timeshare needs major improvements or repairs not covered by insurance, the timeshare association, which manages the project, may charge a special assessment to you.

Because of the nature of selling a timeshare, most states in the United States have passed laws allowing buyers of timeshares to get out of their contracts as long as they take action swiftly. The laws permit the cancellation of timeshare contracts for many reasons – the most notable being that a misleading, unfair, or fraudulent sales strategy was used in its selling. Timeshare salespeople hope the transaction will be completed within one day, but it is necessary to take time off before signing the agreement so that you can get a lawyer to look over it.

Truth About Timeshare Sales.

Usually, a final timeshare sales closing cannot happen before a rescinding period has ended. State laws provide a minimum number of days for the rescinding period. Mexico has a five-day rescindment period, but you will want to check your contract carefully if you bought your timeshare out of the United States, as you may run out of time — and good fortune — at the moment of signing. The cooling-off period differs by state, and some states do not count Sundays as days, so make sure to read your contract to see when the clock starts ticking.

Find Out About Your Timeshare Contract Cancellation.

Some contracts do permit buyers to verbally cancel the agreement, but you do not want to depend on a conversation alone. There are services where an exit team works with you and the developer to cancel the timeshare. The Right to Cancellation allows an individual to cancel his or her timeshare rights in a specified period. The cancellation or termination must be conveyed in writing in order to be effective. Most state laws say the Right to Cancellation generally cannot be waived.

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