Consumer Defend and Recover Programs.

We have a proven strategy to cancel accounts sold under deceptive conditions. We also negationate resolutions for hardship, or mediate mutual terms. We manage your credit during investigations, accounts disputes, account negations, inaccurate reporting,  and debt collectors. Most consumers are left vulnerable when defending against a deceptive company and their aggressive tactics to scare them into paying. Our clients have been taken advantage of, lied to, ripped off, scammed, there are many words for what happened. We stand up for these clients and remove these accounts, cancel the contract, remove the accounts from credit reports, public records, and defend against unlawful debt collectors.

Our team of experience professionals will explain our process and the risks involved when cancelling a contract or disputing an account. We reduce or eliminate the stress invoiced in cancelling a timeshare not only by having fast results, but with an online client portal for constant tracking and status checks. Each client can direct message our team 24/7 through their own portal.  We offer credit monitoring,  money manager, identity theft Insurance, monthly case updates, active reporting, new client payment plans, Final Will, Living Will, Family Trusts, Legacy Trusts,  Power of Attorney, and legal document drafting, legal document processing, debt removal, and legal filings.

Our Services include:

Timeshare Cancellation

We Strive For Excellence.

Product or Service Warranties, Travel Clubs, Vacation Memberships, Private Clubs, Power of Attorney, Deed Transfers, Public Records Management, Trusts, Legal Documents, Civil Case Preparation, Credit Management, Risk Management, General Disputes, Transaction Reversals, Fraud Reporting, Debt Cancellation, and Mediation.

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