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Consumer Consulting Group is the leader in the timeshare cancellation industry.

We provide the safest, most affordable and streamlined timeshare cancellation process. Whether you are brand new owner or have been a timeshare owner for decades we can help. We have helped thousands of clients get results with our unique approach and best-in-class tech. We know how to cancel a timeshare and believe timeshare owners need an attorney that can provide reliable results.

We can help the timeshare owners who have been taken advantage of, lied to, scammed, defrauded, are hit with economic hardship, death of an owner, or need help negotiating. We service internationally, and approve most timeshare resorts. Cancel timeshare contract today.


Mission Statement:

Defend, Recover, and Rebalance For The Future.

Vision Statement:

To aid every timeshare owner who has been victimized by deceptive organizations.

How it started story:

Helping those in need as always been a focal point in my life. Even since childhood defending against the school yard bully and being the underdog was my status quo. I use my whit, intelligence, speed, determination, and compassion to help my fellow man. So naturally I have excelled in careers where helping people was the service or mission.

I started working in insurance protecting families, businesses, and loved ones. I loved to educate my clients on how to protect themselves and their future. Most Americans have a basic knowledge of life insurance and financial planning. I made it my personal missions to educate as many people as possible and not focused on selling as many as possible.

I focused on servicing people. Where my focus on amazing service resulted in sales. Now I have more money to spread my aide and helped thousands instead of hundreds of clients.

From insurance I went into credit management. This is another industry which is not taught in schools. Many Americans have a basic understanding of credit reports, building credit, fixing credit, and budgeting. So naturally I took upon myself to learn everything about credit and help as many people as possible.

I became an expert in my field of credit improvement and opened up Trade Guardian which focused on timeshare accounts. 80% of credit reports have inaccuracies and 99% of timeshares are reported incorrectly. This not only is a big problem but it causes much stress and financial damage.

As a timeshare credit manager I disputed thousands of timeshare accounts, adding millions of points back on my clients credit reports. I have deleted every timeshare company to date on every consumer reporting agencies. For over 5 years now I have dedicated my career to helping clients from high risk industries.

Timeshare industry has reputation to cause more harm than good. Anytime timeshare stories come up it typically has to do with someone being scammed. This timeshare industry which has developed to a $9.8 billion dollar industry is solely built on debt, credit, deceptive tactics, and empt promises. I had not choice but to take one the number one industry for American consumer fraud. Timeshare Cancellation.

I took my credit management company, my debt collection agency, and formed a comprehensive trifecta of consumer defense and recovery called Consumer Consulting Group. The headquarters and strategic war room is located in the heart of the timeshare beast, Orlando Florida.

As my program grew, became regulated, partnered with banks, insured, proved results, acquired attorneys, and solidified stability we took a bigger bite. Not only is the timeshare developers defrauding consumers, but timeshare resellers, exit companies, and attorneys. I had not choice but to line them up on the CCG Public Enemy List.

We defend, recover, and rebalance any person in need. We will investigate, report, take action, and help any consumer who has been deceived, defrauded, under hardship, or just needs help against any timeshare related organization. I went one step further and added credit card companies, banks, personal money lenders, title companies, debt collectors, property management companies, realtor’s, lawyers, and individuals.

With the timeshare industry rapidly growing our service levels have trailed hoping to catch a break. With all the technology and automation available this does not fill the void of experience. With our program blueprint is original and consists of multiple industries it can take years to develop a mastery in consumer defense and recovery for timeshare relief.

This upcoming year I am finishing the professional timeshare defense and relief course. This course along with credit management, debt negotiation, debt collection defense, trusts, and contract disputes will complete a certificate training program for, “ Certified Expert For Consumer Defense and Recovery In Timeshare Relief”.

In final, my program helps timeshare owners get out of their timeshare. We educate on consumer credit and aid the the removal of timeshare accounts. We stop abusive debt collectors and negotiate unsecured timeshare debt. We report and track fraud companies and programs. This all boils down to obsessive perfection in helping people.

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We have a proven strategy to cancel your timeshare and defend your credit against unwanted timeshare companies and debt collectors. Most timeshare owners are left vulnerable when defending against a timeshare company and their aggressive tactics to scare them into paying. Our clients have been taken advantage of, lief to, ripped off, scammed, there are many words for what happened. We stand up for these clients and remove the timeshare account, cancel the contract, work to remove the timeshare account from their credit reports, and defend against unlawful debt collectors.

Unfortunately we do not accept every timeshare owner who contacts us. There are guidelines to our program and each criteria must be met. There are many timeshare owners who have valid accounts, and have dug themselves into a situation that not many people will be able to get you out of unless with our paying the entire balance off. Do not let anyone tell you to just stop paying for your timeshare unless you know the risk involved.

Our team of experience professionals will explain out process and the risks e=involved when cancelling a timeshare. We reduce or eliminate the stress invoiced in cancelling a timeshare not only by having fast results, but with an online client portal for constant tracking and status checks. Each client can direct message our team 24/7 through their own portal. Credit monitoring through our partner with a money manager has each client’s credit managed, and defended against any attacks the timeshare company may have done or may try to do.

Our process is aggressive, and results can take time, but we are dedicated to delivering them as fast as possible. Contact us so we can have a better understanding of your situation and to see if you qualify for our program.

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