About Consumer Consulting Group

We are passionate about developing timeshare exit solutions for our clients because we genuinely care about them.

Consumer Consulting Group Is The Leader In The Timeshare Cancellation Industry.

We provide the safest, most affordable and streamlined timeshare cancellation process. Whether you are brand new owner or have been a timeshare owner for decades we can help. We have helped thousands of clients get results with our unique approach and best-in-class tech. We know how to cancel a timeshare and believe timeshare owners need an attorney that can provide reliable results.

CCG can help the timeshare owners who have been taken advantage of, lied to, scammed, defrauded, are hit with economic hardship, death of an owner, or need help negotiating. We service internationally, and approve most timeshare resorts. Cancel timeshare contract today.

About Consumer Consulting Group

Mission Statement:

Defend, Recover, and Rebalance For The Future.

Vision Statement:

To aid every timeshare owner who has been victimized by deceptive organizations.