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We are a full service timeshare cancellation full fulfillment center. Whether you are brand new owner or have been a timeshare owner for decades we can help. The timeshare cancellation industry has massively grown over the past 6 years. This growth is due to the massive development of timeshare sales. In fact, the timeshare industry has doubled in market share to $9.8 Billion dollars. This places timeshares above American Baseball. There is no stopping the timeshare train from making a station in every town, but we can help the timeshare owners who have been taken advantage of, lied to, scammed, defrauded, are hit with economic hardship, death of an owner, or need help negotiating. We service internationally, and approve most timeshare resorts. Cancel timeshare contract today.

Paid off, Montaged, Default, Pending Foreclosure, New Purchase, Transfers, and Current Status timeshares are being accepted into our program.

Certified Timeshare Cancellation, Complete Debt Collector Defense, Active Credit Management, Precise Legal Case Development, Successful Credit Card Disputes, and More.

Case Submission & Reporting

Clients have their own account manager to assist in all case submissions. All cases are viewed, and tracked live using cloud based reporting. Clients also receive an online portal.

Assessment and Strategy.

very client has Certified Credit and Risk Managers, Legal Professionals, and Consumer Advocates together developing strategy. This stage presents aggressive tactics required for success.

Disputes, Credit, Legal, and Refunds.

We deliver dedicated services for all clients. Our cases are unique earning targeted strategy like no other. We handle every aspect of our clients cases from disputes, complaint filings, consumer credit, collections, foreclosure, and more.

Results, Reviews, & Credibility

We guarantee our cancellation results. Upon completing our program we provide all clients with a lifetime credit protection warranty. Our credibility is driven by delivering top level service and our reviews demonstrate our success..

National Approved Timeshare Relief

We Cancel Timeshare Debt Globally, Stop Debt Collectors, Delete Accounts From Credit Reports, Prepare Legal Cases, Stop Foreclosure, Close Timeshare Credit Cards, Dispute Fraudulent Charges, Build Timeshare Fraud Cases, Terminate Timeshare Deeds, Defend Against Elder Abuse, and Cancel All Timeshare Contracts.

Timeshare Cancellation

New timeshare owners, or seasoned owners we have the solution to fit your needs. We customize your service requirements so you can focus on your life of timeshare freedom. 

Every client is assigned a dedicated servicing team. Our customer interaction and proven strategy reinforce the relationship we have with our clients. Our account management team delivers  monthly updates to all active cases. We also have a self service online client portal which is accessible 24/7. You will never be in the dark.

A Partnership For Affordability.

Apply For Zero Down and Low Payments. Timeshare Relief Program Licensed By Department of Financial Regulation. Start Today with No Money Down. Fully Supported By Licensed Financial Firms.

United Consumer Financial Services

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Every Client Receives A $1 Million Dollar Certificate of Insurance.

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Timeshare Cancellation Service

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