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We are risk managers, paralegals, credit managers, and consumer advocates. We provide expertise in legal contract disputes. Direct mediation on accounts and contracts were negotiated resolution is a priority. Our program conduct individual strategy to deliver out clients the results they want. We handle every aspect on disputes, fraud reports, certified delivery, credit management, and the termination of deceptive contracts.

Vacation Memberships, Warranties, Commercial Bondage, Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Fraud Recovery, Identity Theft, Billing Errors, Chargebacks, Bank Disputes, Credit Card Disputes, Mediation, Travel Clubs, Debt Collector Defense, Fair Credit Reporting Errors, Public Record Disputes, Account Validations, Background Checks, and General Contract Disputes. 

Our Attorney

Katie Centolella

Katie Centolella, Esq.

Katie has spent nearly 20 years helping businesses and their owners solve problems that have been paralyzing them. She’s tired of the run-of-the-mill law office scenario that is transaction by transaction, never truly aligning the interests of the business with that of the law firm.

She wants to serve her clients in a way that actually meets their needs today, while keeping an eye toward their future goals. It’s time for law firms to modernize—and Katie is leading the way to change the model.
Education: St. Lawrence University, B.A.; University of Richmond, School of Law, J.D.; New York University, LLM (Taxation)

Registration Number: 4290227
Business Address: PO Box 768
Syracuse: 13214-0768
Date Admitted: 02/22/2005
Appellate Division Department of Admission: 4th
Registration Status: Attorney – Currently Registered
Next Registration: Oct 202

Case Review, Discovery, Mediation, Negotiation, and Settlement.

Case Review and Enrollment.

- Over Of Programs.
- Review Agreement.
- Review Quote.
- Sign and Pay.
- Client Portal Activated.
- Client Welcome Kit.

Initial Disputes & Mediation.

- All Accounts Are Disputed.
- Mediation Initiated.
- Chargeback Review.
- Fraud Reports Filed.
- Discovery and Evidence.

Negotiations, and Settlements.

- Direct Negotiations and Resolution.
- Account Finalization.
- Reporting Cleanup.
- Transaction Refunds.
- Account Closure.
- Legal Filings.

Protection, Resolution, and Recovery.

- Debt Accounts CLosed and Reversed.
- Accounts Deleted.
- Cease and Desist,
- Formal Release, or Transfer.
- Relinquishment Of Liability.

Disputes, Reports, Claims, Fraud, and Mutual Negotiation.

 We Stop Debt Collectors, Delete Accounts From Credit Reports, Prepare Legal Cases, Stop Foreclosure, Close Credit Cards, Dispute Fraudulent Charges, Build Fraud Cases, Transfer Deeds, Defend Against Elder Abuse, and Cancel Deceptive Contracts.

Timeshare Cancellation

Every client is assigned a dedicated servicing team. Our customer interaction and proven strategy reinforce the relationship we have with our clients. Our account management team delivers  monthly updates to all active cases. We also have a self service online client portal which is accessible 24/7. 

Our focus is to protect our clients finances, future, current status, and maintain a peace of mind.

A Partnership For Affordability.

As A Regulated Financial and Registered Creditor We Have Many Payment Options. 

United Consumer Financial Services

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Every Client Receives A $1 Million Dollar Certificate of Insurance.

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Timeshare Cancellation Service

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