How to Get Help With Timeshare Cancellation

timeshare cancellation

Timeshare cancellation is a common issue that many timeshare owners face. It is often difficult to get out of a timeshare contract, even if it is no longer desired or can’t be afforded. Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done to help timeshare owners find freedom from their unwanted contracts.

One of the most important factors to consider is if the company offering a timeshare exit plan is legitimate or not. Some fraudulent companies will take advantage of new owners by claiming to help them cancel their timeshare contracts. Then, they will charge an upfront fee for this service. These services are usually scams and should be avoided at all costs.

A reliable timeshare cancellation company will have a reputation for quality work and will have a lengthy track record of successful timeshare cancellations. A good company will also have a vetting process that all potential customers must undergo before they can be accepted as a client. This will ensure that only those who truly need help with their timeshare can be helped.

Another important factor is if the timeshare exit company offers a guaranteed timeline for the completion of its services. The company should be able to provide the client with a detailed timeline outlining when the timeshare cancellation will be completed and how long it will take for the entire process to be completed. This will help to ease the anxiety of the client and allow them to better plan for the future.

Lastly, it is important to look at the overall cost of the timeshare exit package and compare it to the costs of owning an unwanted or unused timeshare. The fees charged by a reputable timeshare cancellation company are not nearly as high as the cost of paying for timeshare maintenance fees and other charges that come with ownership. This is especially true if the timeshare is never used and continues to sit vacant for years on end.

Canceling a timeshare, also known as rescinding, is a legal right provided by most states that allows buyers to back out of a timeshare purchase within a certain amount of days, called the “rescission period.” In most cases, this window of time is only three days but can vary from state to state. Some states require the buyer to notify the seller in writing of their intention to rescind their contract, and others may specify how this letter should be delivered. Regardless of the details, it is essential to read all state law carefully and follow the instructions as closely as possible.

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