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timeshare news

Timeshares have become one of the biggest sources of consumer complaints in the US. Whether it’s an unruly resort, an incompetent sales team or simply overpriced maintenance fees, the industry has a bad reputation. But what’s more alarming is the number of scammers that prey on timeshare owners, promising to get them out of their contracts. Luckily, there is a way to avoid these scams. The best thing to do is to take some advice from an expert. This is why many consumers turn to organisations like Timeshare Compliance. Founded by Sandy Cochran, TCA is the world’s leading source of impartial, expert and unbiased timeshare advice. They provide consumers with vital information on the latest timeshare scams, and also which companies can be trusted.

TCA also provides timeshare exchange services for their members, giving them the opportunity to trade their week at a hotel that they’re not visiting this year. This is a fantastic alternative to paying sky-high exchange fees at a timeshare sales office or booking through their resort.

Inflation is the hot topic of the moment, with the cost of flights, hotels and gas soaring across the country. As a result, Americans are looking to cut costs wherever possible. For some, this may mean selling their timeshare, which can be a financial disaster for those who purchased theirs years ago when prices were much lower.

As a result, timeshare exit companies have become a cottage industry of their own, offering to help consumers sell or even cancel their timeshares. Unfortunately, some of these companies make empty promises and leave consumers in even worse situations than they started with. In fact, according to the Better Business Bureau, Missouri has the third-highest amount of timeshare complaints in the country.

The latest timeshare news to hit the headlines comes from the state of Florida, where an Orlando-based developer is preparing to build a cluster of timeshare units and hotel rooms on land that’s currently designated for timeshares only. The company wants to discuss a change in entitlement with Orange County staff, according to GrowthSpotter. The project is expected to include 250 timeshare units and 350 hotel rooms in a five-story building at Crescent Park.

In another case of alleged fraud, a 42-year-old man who controlled several telemarketing firms in the Orange and Los Angeles counties has been sentenced to prison for bilking dozens of timeshare owners out of nearly $3 million. The scheme involved high-pressure sales tactics and false promises of financial relief, the Justice Department reports.

Fifty-nine timeshare owners in Teton Village, Wyoming, are suing three directors of the board of their condominium association over what they say is “fraudulent conduct and gross abuse of authority.” The plaintiffs have asked a court to remove the Jackson Hole Vacation Condominiums directors from their positions because of their involvement in what they allege is a nonprofit’s illegal conduct. The case was filed in the District Court of Teton County, which has the power to remove corporate directors of nonprofit boards.

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