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Cancel Your Timeshare: Consumer Consulting Group Is The Leader In The Timeshare Cancellation Industry…

Timeshare Contract Breach

Timeshare Cancellation: How To Dispute A Timeshare Contract

Learn About Timeshare Cancellation.   Timeshare contracts can be considered binding legal documents, but this does not mean they are absolute or cannot be canceled. Just because the person selling you your timeshare says that the contract is binding forever.  It does not mean the contract cannot ever be terminated. Many timeshare companies claim you …

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Timeshare Lies and Deceit!

Many timeshare salespeople will say just about anything to get a sale —in fact, many are trained to tell lies! These misrepresentations are from the stories of real timeshare owners. Some of these may apply to your experience; if they do—you should include them in any complaint letter you write! Make sure you specify what …

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Will a Timeshare Account Dispute Affect My Credit Report?

The quick answer is, that if owners are successful with their disputes, their credit will not be affected at all—even if they’ve stopped paying on the timeshare at the beginning of the dispute. If the company decides to cancel the contract and issue a refund, there will be no adverse effect on the credit rating. …

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Timeshare Contract Breach

What Is a Timeshare Contract Breach?

A Timeshare Contract is a legal document that requires the parties involved to perform certain duties. When one party fails to meet any of the contractual obligations, a breach of the contract occurs. A contract breach might occur due to: Failure to fulfill contractual duties on time. Inability to comply with the terms of the …

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