How to Use a Cancellation Letter to Get Out of a Timeshare Contract

cancel timeshare

Timeshares are often sold as a way to have access to vacation spots and amenities that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford without sharing the cost with others. Unfortunately, many people find themselves trapped in timeshare contracts they no longer want or need. If you’re stuck in a timeshare contract that no longer fits your lifestyle, utilizing a cancellation letter can help you get out of your timeshare.

In order to cancel a timeshare, you must first understand your contract’s rescission period. This is a specific timeframe in which you can decide whether or not to rescind your contract, and it’s important that you read through the documents carefully. Your contract will typically explain how long your rescission period is, as well as the address to which you should send your letter. Some states also have laws that dictate the method of delivery, so be sure to follow those instructions precisely.

A good timeshare cancellation company will negotiate directly with your timeshare company to convince them that you no longer want your timeshare. They will also work to hold the timeshare company accountable for any misdeeds or exaggerations by their salespeople. They will also provide you with a monthly update on the progress of your case, so you can feel confident that they are working hard to help you cancel your timeshare.

If you’re trying to cancel your timeshare after the rescission period has expired, it may be more difficult. However, it’s not impossible, and there are some tricks that you can use to help make the process go more smoothly. For example, if you are still on your vacation when you’re making the decision to cancel your timeshare, be sure to ask for your documents right away. This will ensure that your rescission period begins on the date that you receive your documentation, rather than the date you signed the original contract.

Another trick is to request that any money you’ve paid toward your timeshare be returned, as well as any financing agreements that were made for the purchase. This will help to prevent the timeshare company from taking future payments out of your bank account or credit cards. Finally, you should write a letter asking for your timeshare to be cancelled and send it by certified mail with a return signature and receipt. This will help to prove that you’ve sent your letter within the allotted time period and that it was received.

A reputable timeshare cancellation company will offer free consultations to evaluate your situation and provide you with a quote for services. They will also provide you with a complete list of all of the steps they will take to get you out of your timeshare contract, including any legal fees and court costs. It’s important to choose a company that has years of experience, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and has a high customer satisfaction rating. They will also provide you with a free rescission letter to use when you cancel your timeshare contract.

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