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How to Cancel a Timeshare

If you are considering buying a timeshare, make sure you read all of the terms before you make the purchase. You may find that the purchase does not fit into your budget, or that it does not suit your needs. You also need to be aware that there are many fraudulent reseller companies that prey on vulnerable owners. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer.

Understanding How to Cancel Your Timeshare

You should also be sure to read the timeshare rescission period in your state. This is usually a few days. If you do not cancel your timeshare before the rescission period ends, you may not be able to reclaim your property.

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Contacting the Company for Cancellation

Once you have decided to cancel your timeshare, you will want to contact the company that issued you the contract. You may be able to do this by calling, writing, or visiting the office. Your cancellation must be in writing, and you should also provide the company with a specific reason for wanting to leave. If you do not, the provider may sue you or even foreclose on your timeshare.

Understanding Complex Timeshare Contracts

Some timeshare contracts are very complex. There is a lot of fine print in them, and you must be careful. If you don’t know the terms of your contract, you should get a lawyer to help you. You can also post your timeshare on an online marketplace. The safest way to do this is to work with a professional online vendor.

Exploring Timeshare Exit Services

You can choose to hire a timeshare exit service to negotiate the buyout for you. However, these services can be costly. You’ll pay an upfront fee, and you are responsible for maintenance fees. These services are designed to save you money, but in some cases, they are not effective. You should also be aware that your credit score will take a hit if you are not able to repay your timeshare. You can also get an attorney to instruct you to put the payments in an escrow account.

Working with a Timeshare Exit Company

Once you have hired a timeshare exit company, the team will work with you to find the best way to cancel your timeshare. This could involve selling your interest to a charity, buying it back from the developer, or selling it to another individual. You may be able to get a full refund of your money.

Documenting Your Timeshare Cancellation Process

If you decide to use a timeshare exit service, you will receive a case file. This will include your purchase contract, an authorization letter, an interview with you, and other documentation. It will be helpful to write a letter explaining your reasons for wanting to cancel your timeshare. The best letters are short and include bullet points that outline each of the reasons. This keeps the correspondence from getting too long and difficult to understand.

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