How to Complete a Timeshare Title Transfer

How to Complete a Timeshare Title Transfer

timeshare title transfer

Whether you are gifting a timeshare or selling your own, it is important to get the right paperwork in place. There are several different options to help you through the process.

You can hire a realtor or a title company. A title company will help prepare the deed and complete the transfer. They are experienced in completing a number of timeshare transactions every month.

The first step in transferring ownership is to notify your timeshare management company. You will also need to fill out a new application. This will need to include your contact information and any fees associated with the purchase.

Next, you will need to hire an attorney to review the deed. This will help you identify any unexpected issues. You may find that the deed is not valid or does not meet the requirements of your state or country. If the title is invalid, the ownership may be void.

After you have received a new deed, you need to make sure that it is recorded on public record. This can take up to four to eight weeks depending on your location. In some locations, late fees can be extremely astronomical.

In addition to preparing a new deed, you should contact your local county clerk’s office to ensure that it meets their recording requirements. You should also have a notary public sign the deed. You should then copy the deed for all family members.

Finally, you will need to submit your new deed to the resort. You should also provide your new owner’s contact information.

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