Timeshare Title Transfer

Timeshare Title Transfer

timeshare title transfer

Whether you are buying a timeshare or selling one, a timeshare title transfer is essential to your peace of mind. A reputable timeshare title transfer company can help you complete the process.

The process is very similar to a property closing. You will need an official timeshare deed, signed by both parties in front of a notary. This document will serve as proof of ownership and will be recorded with the county clerk’s office.

The process of transferring a timeshare can take 4-8 weeks, depending on where the timeshare is located. This is because each county has different recording requirements. You may want to contact the resort, development or management company about the process.

You should have all of your timeshare documentation with you. This includes the timeshare certificate, which explains the rules of use. You should also include information about the week and season that you are planning to occupy your timeshare. Lastly, you should have a copy of the recorded deed.

You should also include all contact information. For instance, you should include the names and contact numbers of the person who will be responsible for paying the fees. You should also include your new membership application. The resort may ask for a separate transfer form.

Alternatively, you can hire a company to handle the entire process. There are several closing companies that can assist, including First American Title Company, Stewart Vacation Ownership and Chicago Title Timeshare. These companies will complete the process in a reasonable amount of time.

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