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If you’re interested in timeshares, it’s wise to check the latest timeshare news. The product continues to improve as major hospitality brands introduce innovative designs. However, some companies have gotten into trouble in recent years, so be careful.

Timeshares aren’t for everyone. Some people can’t afford the high rates and assessments, and others are trapped in an expensive ongoing obligation. There’s also the potential for timeshare scams. For example, a company based in St. Louis has been accused of fraudulently taking more than $90 million from clients. Luckily, there are ways to avoid a timeshare scam.

One of the best ways to avoid getting involved with a scam is to make sure that any agreement you sign is written down in a contract. That way, if you change your mind about a particular resort, you can get your money back.

Another option is to contact the resort’s management company and ask about a “surrender” program. They will then take you through the process and charge you a fee.

There are also many consumer-friendly websites and groups. One of them is the Timeshare Users Group (TUG). TUG owner Brian Rogers has even begun making YouTube videos to help educate the public about the timeshare industry.

Another site that offers useful tips is the Timeshare Crusader. This resource has several videos and information about timeshares and other vacation ownership products. In addition to the best deals, it provides advice for buyers and owners.

Another website that offers important industry information is the Everything About Timeshares. It provides critical information about timeshares, as well as insider secrets.

Another resource that covers the latest and greatest is the Colebrook Chronicle. Their summer issue focuses on the future of timeshares. And, yes, you can read this magazine at home.

A new organization, the Pan European Timeshare Association, will be launched in the near future. The association will have offices in Madrid and Brussels.

Several major timeshare developers have started to introduce innovative designs to the market. While the industry as a whole is still in the red, some companies are doing their part to increase the market share.

Timeshares are a great way to explore exciting destinations. But, the best part is that you can design your own vacation. You can choose to stay in a resort or rent a house in your own home. Make sure you research what you’re buying before you sign on the dotted line.

Whether you’re planning a holiday in Europe or the United States, be careful when you purchase a timeshare. Many companies use misleading tactics to lure customers, so you may want to consider doing your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

Other sites that offer relevant information include Facebook and Redweek. Using a combination of these resources can help you find the right resort for you and your family. Also, check out the timeshare resale market. As with real estate, a timeshare is a depreciating asset.

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