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Airline Cancellations Push Timeshare Owners Towards Misery

Due to the chaos in summer travel and cancellations, timeshare owners are having a difficult time controlling their finances and staff. Tourism has had a difficult two years.

Timeshare owners are anticipating another disappointing summer. Even loyal members are having to cancel their vacation plans due to over bookings, bankrupt resorts and flight cancellations.

For the past two years, holidaymakers have been in absolute turmoil due to the pandemic. Around 95% of foreign passengers were offered alternatives and received refunds in the majority of the holidays industry.

The timeshare industry decided instead to charge full fees but offer additional accommodation for customers the next year, regardless of whether it was convenient. The resorts that were shut down in 2021 put a wrench in their plans. The promise that all accommodation would be rolled over to 2022 was made to clients, who were once again charged full.

The situation of stakeholders has been further complicated by the disruptions at the airport. Many have lost their jobs, while others have been appointed. Because of security concerns, airlines cannot replace staff members in time to transport guests to their holiday destinations.

These workers are essential to ensure that flights take off even if airlines scramble to fill the gaps in staffing. About 70% of flight cancellations are now common. Holidaymakers have been waiting for over 24 hours in line, only to be disappointed by flight cancellations. Even after two years’ worth of pandemics, large numbers of flights will be cancelled this summer. Easy Jet announced that they would cancel more than 10,000 flights. Timeshare and everyone have suffered huge financial losses.

Timeshare owners still have to pay their annual fees upfront, even after all this. Andrew Cooper, CEO of Timeshare, stated that Timeshare is not equipped to handle the modern challenges faced by holidaymakers.

He stated that the number of new members has dropped to a cliff in Europe due to people needing to be able book and change their holiday plans quickly. They don’t want a commitment to paying a fee every year that is often more than for a regular vacation. Even if they may not be able to afford that holiday.

Andrew Cooper stated that Timeshare is not equipped to handle such a dire situation. European Consumer Claims is an option that every European citizen has.

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