Timeshare News Roundup

timeshare news

The timeshare industry has many players and many of them have their own ways of promoting and selling their products. Among the top dogs are Marriott Vacations, the world’s largest vacation resort operator and Fleetwood Enterprises, the nation’s biggest recreational vehicle manufacturer. There are also a few new entrants in the field, including a company that makes the best motorcoaches in the world and an exciting new concept in timeshare. A new hotel and timeshare resort has sprung up in the heart of New Orleans and plans are underway to turn a storied printing company into a timeshare resort.

One of the best timeshare websites on the web is TUG, which has sold over 58 million dollars worth of timeshares in the last 29 years. In addition to offering a comprehensive directory of timeshares, the site has a number of useful articles on subjects ranging from the legal and practical side of the business to the best timeshare locations on earth. Another ace in the hole is its own newsletter, which provides a daily roundup of essential industry news.

It may be a little old hat to some, but the best timeshare website in the business has a winning combination of savvy marketing, sound financial planning, and customer service. From the moment a new owner signs on the dotted line, the company strives to meet their customers’ expectations. This has been borne out by the fact that half of its Interval owners have an annual income of more than $100,000.

What’s more, one could argue that TUG is the first timeshare website on the web. It is in no small part thanks to a smart founder who knows a thing or two about online business. With the help of an eye-popping logo, the site has become a go-to resource for both the serious timeshare buyer as well as the casual visitor. On top of its impressive list of accolades, the company has a stellar track record of resolving customer issues on the fly and providing its clients with an unmatched level of transparency. During times of trouble, the company’s support staff and sales reps are among the most responsive in the industry.

Taking it a step further, TUG has been able to find the best timeshare locations for their members in the most cost effective manner. As the world’s largest timeshare distributor, the company is in a prime position to negotiate some of the best deals on the planet.

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