How to Use a Timeshare Cancellation Service

timeshare cancellation

It is important that you understand the steps you need to take to cancel your timeshare. While some people find it easy to do, others may find it challenging and time-consuming. If you are having trouble, then you can contact a timeshare cancellation service. You can then work with a professional to help you get the results you want.

The first step is to read through your contract. This will allow you to determine the length of your rescission period. In most states, you have at least three days to rescind your contract. Other states will give you up to fifteen days. Depending on the agreement, you may be able to extend the rescission period.

Once you have determined the rescission period, you need to write a letter stating your intention to rescind your contract. Some companies require certified mail, while others may allow you to deliver the letter by hand. Regardless of the method, the letter should be written in a clear manner. It is also a good idea to include a return receipt.

A rescission period is designed to give you enough time to look over your purchase and decide whether or not you will continue to use the timeshare. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t know this information until it is too late. Even if the contract is perfectly clear, it can still be a challenge to rescind the purchase.

Before you begin your search for a reputable timeshare cancellation service, it is a good idea to get advice from experts. There are several options, including EZ Exit Now, which provides a team of experienced timeshare experts to work with you. Also, some states have their own laws that provide for cancellation of your timeshare after the rescission period has expired.

Many times, the timeshare company you purchased your unit from will have special assessment obligations and you will have to pay those off. But, if you want to exit your timeshare, you can work with a legal advisor to instruct you to put the payments into an escrow account.

Once you have a rescission period, you can send the timeshare company a written letter expressing your intention to rescind the contract. Be sure to explain the reasons for your decision in a clear and concise way. Listing these in bullet points is a good idea, as it makes it easier to read.

Some timeshare cancellation services offer a free consultation. They will then draw up the necessary documents for your rescission. Generally, this includes a cancellation letter, an assessment, and other exit measures. Upon receiving these documents, the timeshare cancellation service will courier them to the developer.

Whether you decide to cancel your timeshare yourself or work with a service, remember to keep the process simple. As much as possible, avoid getting emotional when deciding to rescind your timeshare. Instead, focus on facts. Make sure you have the documentation you need before sending the letter, and resist the temptation to make a big deal out of your decision.

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