cancel a timeshare

How to Cancel a Timeshare

Depending on the state, you have a couple of options when it comes to canceling a timeshare. You can try contacting the resort directly, or you can hire a third-party cancellation service.

The process of canceling a timeshare isn’t as easy as it sounds. Usually, you are required to follow a specific set of guidelines. Some companies may even refuse to cancel your timeshare for you.

Depending on your state, you may have as little as three days or as much as fifteen days to cancel your timeshare. Some companies offer a hand-delivered notice of cancellation. Others may require that you mail your cancellation request to them via certified mail.

The timeshare industry is rife with scams, so you’ll want to do your homework before signing a contract. You should also make sure that you receive a formal and official notice of cancellation.

This letter should be typed, and it should include the following: a clear request to cancel, a copy of the timeshare contract, and a date. It’s also a good idea to include at least two copies, to ensure that the timeshare provider gets the letter.

You may also want to consider contacting a timeshare attorney, since the right legal steps can help protect you from future problems. A timeshare attorney can also help you determine whether you qualify for a refund. This may be the only way to ensure you don’t lose out on your dream vacation.

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