How to File a Timeshare Lawsuit

How to File a Timeshare Lawsuit


Buying a timeshare may be fun, but when you find yourself in the position of aging out, the options may be a little bit limited. In addition, reselling a timeshare is not always easy. It is difficult to verify whether a company is legitimate, and you will not always have your money back if you are forced to sell your timeshare.

One of the most common ways to find out if a company is legitimate is to check the BBB. If you are not sure which company to trust, check the attorney general’s office in your state. Then, be sure to read all the fine print on your purchase agreement. Often, a timeshare contract has arbitration clauses that can block your ability to resolve your dispute in court.

A class action lawsuit is also an option. However, it’s difficult to prove that your experience with a company is the same as other members of your class. That said, it is a good idea to gather several people who have had similar experiences. If you can find at least one person who has experienced the same problems you have, the lawsuit may be worth the effort.

The jury awarded $1,069,285 to the plaintiffs in the case. The federal government is now seeking more than $1 million in owed money from the defendants.

The Department of Law in Alaska has alleged that eight individuals have been accused of a timeshare scam. The lawsuits allege that the defendants falsely claimed that they would help consumers exit their timeshares in exchange for hefty upfront fees.